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Canal boat holidays in the Lot: discover a rich history

If you love exploring places with an interesting history and finding cultural treasures then you need to consider the Lot Valley.

Along the River Lot you’ll find historic beautiful villages such as Cahors and (...)

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Nicols customers help design new flagship canal boat

Our Nicols shipyard put out a call to our customers to help them develop a brand new boat and the result is the stylish OCTO Fly C. The new flagship of the Nicols fleet, a four-cabin design, will be first available for boating (...)

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Nicols introduces first electric boat to inland waterways cruising

The electric powered SIXTO Green

Everybody at Nicols is extremely excited about the latest canal boat coming out of our Cholet boatyard. The brand new SIXTO Green, in addition to having the (...)

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Canal boating holidays – Five things you might not know

Life on the waterways with Nicols is even easier! 

Five things you may not know about canal boating holidays

As you might imagine, at Nicols we talk to a lot of people about life on (...)

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Sail back in time with a boating holiday unearthing the Camargue's history...

A rich history and heritage in the Camargue ©Fotolia

France’s canals and rivers have played an important part in history and as such provide excellent access to an insight (...)

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Take the family to the Camargue

Family holidays on board a Nicols canal boat: crossing the Etang de Thau

No experience needed boat hire in the Camargue: the perfect family holiday destination

The great thing about (...)

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The Camargue - A region of fine gastronomy

The regional products of the Camargue

You cannot visit a country or a region without discovering its gastronomy and the Camargue will not disappoint. Its wide range of Mediterranean cuisine (...)

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Canal boat holidays in the Camargue: at the heart of a nature reserve

The famous flamingos of the Camargue©Patrick Portier

The Camargue region of France is well known for its nature reserve. As one of the largest wetland reserves in Europe, the waterways (...)

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A boating holiday in charente: the easy way to family happiness!

Family holidays on the Charente River ©Sébastien Laval

A destination that appeals to young and old!

Planning the family holiday can be a headache. It can be difficult finding a (...)

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Hire a canal barge on the Charente and discover famous spirits and liqueurs*

Cognac Vineyard © Charente Tourisme

The Charente region is located slightly north of Aquitaine and gets its name, like the majority of French regions, from the river it crosses. The (...)

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Canal boat hire in charente: at the heart of nature

The wide and unspoilt Charente River ©Sébastien Laval

The charente: the most natural of waterways 

The Charente River is a river. Ok that might sound like a silly (...)

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Is a canal boat holiday a good option with our dog Filou?

Biscuit enjoying life onboard! (©Stephen Vincent)

My dog Filou is the 2nd captainaboard my boat (©Philippe Perriard)

Every year, when we (...)

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Canal boating holidays within 45 minutes of the airport

Canal boating holidays by flight

While travelling by ferry is still a great option there are many reasons why customers may choose to fly to our Nicols bases to begin their canal boating (...)

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Carcassonne and the Canal du Midi – a favourite boating holiday destination!

The city of Carcassonne

Books about it, TV shows about it and knowing it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site make the Canal du Midi a favourite with those looking for a boating (...)

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A canal barge holiday combining excellent food and fine wines

Inside wine producer Maison Brillet

For those who appreciate fine dining and excellent wines Nicols recommends a canal barge holiday in the Charente. No previous boating experience or (...)

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The Nivernais Canal – one of the most beautiful canals in Europe

Village of Bailly set in the heart of vineyards©O.Maynard

A history of the Nivernais Canal

The original idea of creating what is now the Nivernais Canal dates back to the times of (...)

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Barge hire for family canal barge holidays

Hire a canal barge – the perfect family holiday!

Living onboard a boat for your holidays is fun whatever your age. In addition to the fact it’s easy to navigate (no previous boating experience or a licence is (...)

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Canal boat hire and golf in Anjou

Combine your passion for golf with a boating holiday in France with canal boat hire in Anjou

Usually golfers will want to steer clear of the water however our base team at Sablé-Sur-Sarthe have found a reason they (...)

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